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Thank you so much for congratulating me on my birthday. 
It was a really happy day.
As soon as the clock went ‘ding dong’ at midnight, I had a party with the members~
I want to upload a picture from the party but…

I really really really enjoyed it~
Today…….. I saw what Tao hyung wrote…..
Goosebumps.. goosebumps……. hehe

It’s really great how a lot of people congratulated me. Really
To the people whose birthday is today, happy birthday~
Have a great day~

Oh! Since we’re making a comeback soon, please prepare to love it a lot~ hehe
We worked hard to prepare it~

trans: fy-exo | source: exo-k’s official website
please take out with credits.

bwcw // 마지막 인사 : thanks for the memories

How sad :(


weird noises Sehun makes on EXO’s Showtime.

EP.1: yehet!

EP.2: hehehe, hohoho,hahaha.

EP.3: okok. ok? ok. yehet. ohorat. *laughing battle with Kai*

EP.4: ohot.

The Idol Killer Kim Yeoshin



A girl that have done many things to idols that physically hurt them. Here are list of things she have done

  1. Remember the B.A.P stage during the warrior era, Himchan was sweating like crazy? Kim Yeoshin put diarrhea medicine, oil, and benzene in a coffee and gave it…



[OFFICIAL] Yong Jun Hyung – Concept Photo For ‘Flower’ 1097x1500

Junhyung’s New Mini Album

Suddenly I have this push to write about Junhyung’s new mini album and his comeback single who is really good to listen to, you guys have to hear it like ASAP… 

His single called Flower and makes eargasm LOL.. 



baekhundred got banned from youtube how is any exo thing gonna be subbed now

she was the reason exo fans got things subbed in less than a day

literally like a few hours

and it was always accurate

now shes gone

whatll we do now

Shiver - Kris EXO

Hey guys! Just got back from business overload and I’m going to continue the last part of the scenario, but first here’s my first EXO smut scenario.

WARNING: Contain SMUT (*if you don’t want to read it, keep on scrolling down.)

I hope you like it!


As the wind blows through the small gap of my window, it runs through my skin making me shiver. I pulled along the blankets and now I’m covered with blankets.

I felt two large hands running through my waist and pushing me close to him. He notices how shivery I am.

"Its ok jagiya, you are warm now…"

He kissed the top of my head and went back to sleep. I missed him since his comeback stage. He’s been so busy lately and as his girlfriend I must support him no matter what.

Its annoying when he came home from his schedule looking tired all the time. Kris usually came to look for me before heading to bed, but now he went straight to bed.

As the morning sun rises and hit me in the eyes, I realize there’s no more hands around my waist to give me warmth.

As soon as I got up from bed, with only wearing his large white shirt and a pink lace panties and bra see through the shirt, I smell something’s cooking. I saw him with only an apron around his chest and a black boxer covering his member.

I walk steadily afraid of him noticing and hug him from his back, making him startled.

"You scared me jagiya, it looks good doesn’t it?"

He sauted the fried bacon and hash browns and put it on the plate. I serve him a nice fresh orange juice.

"Are you okay from last night ___-ah?"

"Sure, why?"

"You’re pretty shivery tho.."

He looks me in the eye with his strong gazed. I finished my breakfast and put the plates onto the dishwasher.

He gave me a back hug, start to turning me around and kiss me passionately. His member already hard and his grinding it on mine.

He grabbed my legs and carry me to the bedroom. He drop me onto the side of the mattress and start kissing me again while his hand trying to unbutton my shirt.

He succeed and now I’m only with my lingerie.

"You look so sexy jagiya, is this the present I gave you?"

I can’t stand but blush and grabbed back of his neck and kissing him. I locked my feet behind his back and I can feel his bulge grinding me again and making my sensitive part wet.

"You’re wet jagi…"

I nodded gave him the signal of approval. He take out his standing member, pulling out my panties, and teasing my sensitive part with his member.

I moan and starting to reach out something to handle on. He’s pulling his member in and out carefully.

"Just get in already!"

He surprised at my reaction but first giving me a kiss on the forehead.

"I’m coming in jagii.."

And just then, his member was all in my sensitive part. I almost scream but letting out a huge moan. As he thrust his member in and out, he also making sure that I’m not in pain.

He’s going faster and harder this time, he drowned his face onto my neck, he kissed and sucked my neck leaving me a red bruises.

"Jagi I’m coming!"

I didn’t let out a single word as my hip moving along the rhythm making it faster and faster.

”_____-ah I’m coming!”

"Me too oppa..!!"

We stopped as we reached our climax together. He laid beside me, panting trying to control his breathing.

I move closer to him and getting under his arm and intertwine with his hand.

"Oppa? Are you alright?"

I can easily heard his heart beating faster.

"I’m alright jagii.. Are you? Thank you for the morning sex."

He kissed my head and started to play my hair.

"Anything for you oppa, I missed you so much lately."

He changed his position, our face is inches away now.

"I know jagi, because I do too.. I’m sorry that I always came home late."

He carresed my cheek and surprise seeing a hickie on my neck. He’s rubbing it to make sure it wasn’t there anymore.

"Jagii… Did it hurt?"

"This? Noo… It was ticklish tho.."

He began with a smirk at the end of his lips and start tickling the tip of my waist.

"Yah! Stop it! Hahahaha oppa! Hahaha"

I’m trying to grab his manly hand, trying him to stop.

"Okay I’m stopping, I’m stopping haha, you’re irresistable you know that?"

He poke the tip of my nose and pull me closer to him.

"I love you jagi… Don’t ever ever leave me okay?"

"I won’t jagi.. I love you too oppa."